The bills listed below are now all "dead". They did not make it through the necessary steps to become law during the 2021/2022 Legislative Biennium. We are leaving them up for now so you can see who was supportive and what sorts of threats we faced. The next Legislative Session will convene on January 3, 2023, with our newly elected Senate & House (& Governor). November 2022 Election is for ALL the marbles!

Please connect with us and see how you can help.

What is Self Advocacy? Self Advocacy is, quite simply, the act of representing oneself or one's views or interests. Special interest groups and lobbyists are as numerous as the opinions of the people (or industries/corporations) but only YOU know what your family needs represented in St. Paul and Washington DC.  

What does that really mean? YOU matter. Your family matters. Your needs and experiences matter. Our legislators need to hear from you. This page will try to keep current bills relevant to Health & Parental Rights posted so you can call, email or meet with your legislators to let them know what you think.


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MN SF3666 / HF4055 / HF4239

The No Patient Left Alone Act:  Seeks to establish a patient's right to always have a support person while receiving care in a clinic, hospital, long term care facility or residential care facility. Senator Koran, Mathews, Eichorn, Dornik, Hoffman,​ Representatives O'Neill, Nash, Novotny, Daniels, Bennett, Boe, Heintzeman, Grossell, Scott, Robbins, Franson, Raleigh, Theis, Demuth,​ Kiel, Albright, Pierson, Davids, Lucero, Bliss, Anderson, Green, Heinrich, West, Jurgens, Hertaus, Quam, Igo, Akland, Baker, Urdahl, O'Driscoll, Swedzinski, Neu Brindley, Erickson, Gruenhagen, Nelson, Mueller, Torkelson, Petersburg, Johnson, McDonald, Daniels, Poston, Haley.


MN SF3064/SF3483/HF3444

Parent's Bill of Rights: Seeks to re-establish the fundamental rights of parents in directing the upbringing and care of their child(ren). Senators Mathews, Anderson, Gazelka, Benson, Koran, Kiffmeyer; Representatives Gruenhagen, Erickson, Lucero, Franson, Raleigh, Bennett, Urdahl, Mekeland, Urdahl, Robbins, Boe


MN SF2693/SF3035/HF2897

Health Freedom Sanctuary State: Seeks to limit emergency powers, prohibit student masking mandates, prohibit vaccine mandates and passports. Representatives Franson, Lucero and Senators Chamberlain, Koran, Eichorn, Howe, Kiffmeyer, Johnson, Mathews.  


MN HF3158 / SF4489 Seeks to prohibit government and private sector vaccine mandates. Representatives Daudt, Erickson, Dettmer, Luek, Poston, Boe, Bennett, Franson, Heintzeman, Burkel, Jurgens, Heinrich, Neu Brindley, Hertaus, Grossell, Senators Pratt, Utke.



Seeks to add an immunization exemption for sincerely held religious beliefs. Authors: Senators Mathews, Coleman, Kiffmeyer, Housley and Johnson, Representatives Lucero, Poston, Drazkowski


Seeks to establish exemptions to immunizations for adults in the workplace. Authors: Senators Draheim, Hoffman, Abler, Dornink, Representatives Gruenhagen, Erickson, Bennett, Dettmer, Boe, Backer, Lucero, and Bahr.

MN SF1589/HF1583

Seeks to prohibit mandatory contact tracing and medical passports. Authors: Senators Benson, Mathews, Koran, Johnson, Ruud, Representatives Scott, Lucero and Robbins.

MN SF2394/HF1245

Seeks to prohibit discrimination or coercion regarding vaccine administration. Authors: Senators Goggin, Coleman, Koran, Hoffman, Representatives Lucero, Bennett, Haley, Heinrich, Gruenhagen, Drazkowski, and  Mekeland.

MN SF1172/HF1194

Seeks to require disclosing vaccine ingredients to patients, including the usage of aborted fetal cell lines. Authors: Senators Mathews, Abler, Eichorn, Utke, Representatives Gruenhagen, Dettmer, Lucero


MN SF2424/HF2541

Seeks to prohibit employment discrimination based on vaccination status. Authors: Senators Abeler, Mathews, Jasinski, Rosen & Kiffmeyer, Representative Scott.


MN SF2694/HF2685

Seeks to require a parent be present for the vaccination of a minor child. Representatives Munson, Drazkowski, Miller, Bahr, Franson, Lucero, Poston and Senator Koran.


MN HF2691

Seeks to prohibit state enforcement of federal vaccine passports. Representative Lucero  


MN HF2579

Seeks to establish employer liability for mandated vaccines. Representatives Munson, Bahr, Miller, Drazkowski.

MN HF3276

Seeks to strengthen immunizations exemptions for daycares. Representatives Bennett, Franson, Poston, Urdhal, Daniels, Lucero, Petersburg.

MN SF3475 / HF3820

Seeks to prohibit discrimination in healthcare based on vaccination status, including health insurance accessibility and pricing, entry and treatment in healthcare facilities and access to organ donations. Authors: Senators Johnson, Mathews, Utke, Benson, Lang, Representatives Scott.

MN SF 3889

Seeks to authorize Pharmacists to prescribe, dispense and administer ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine for preexposure prophylaxis use, postexposure prophylaxis use and for the treatment of COVID-19. Authors: Senators Westrom, Anderson, Mathews, Eichorn & Ingebrigtsen.

MN HF4135 / SF4084

Seeks to allow parents to opt children out of school face covering requirements. Representatives Daudt, Neu Brindley, Heintzeman, Boe, Lucero, Kiel, Franson, Bennett, Scott, Robbins, Novotny, Davids, Poston, Akland, Backer, Senators Benson, Chamberlain, Johnson, Dornik, Eichorn.



MN SF2554/HF2634

Seeks to remove the conscientious exemption vaccines for all school aged children in Minnesota. Applies to HOMESCHOOL as well. Authors: Senator Eaton & Representative Freiberg.

MN SF2553 / HF2625

Seeks to allow minors as young as 12 to consent to  Covid 19 and all CDC recommended vaccinations..

MN HF3179 / SF3791

Seeks to alter the daycare and school immunization statute to allow daycares to deny children with exemptions. Authors: Representative Freiberg, Huot, Senator Klein.  


MN SF2815/HF2832

Seeks to mandate the covid vaccine for all public and nonpublic school employees. Authors: Representative Freiberg, Senators Klein, Cwodzinski, Wiklund, Clausen & Marty.

MN HF3114

Seeks to establish grants and contract for activities for school based health clinics.  Authors: Representatives Sandell, Stephenson, Sundin, Keeler, Ecklund, Hansen R., Her, Bierman & Wazlawik.​



Seeks to amend the Minnesota constitution to make quality PUBLIC school a RIGHT of a child. Though often misunderstood when focusing on the word 'quality', this bill poses issues for school choice when the focus is instead switched to "Public" and "Right". Authors: Representatives Hassan, Kresha, Mariani, Erickson, Vang, Xiong J., Theis, Haley, Xiong T., Bennett, Baker, Albright, Keeler, Daniels, Poston, Lee & Demuth



MN SF2356/HF2204

Seeks to repeal governor’s emergency powers. Authors: Representatives Mortensen, Munson, Drazkowski, Poston, Miller; Senators Koran, Land, Draheim, Pratt

Pros: Prevents total takeovers by a governor.

Cons: A total repeal (rather than a revision) of the emergency powers statute could cripple the state's ability to respond quickly during true emergencies like tornadoes, floods, riots, etc....


MN SF2820/HF2694

Seeks to prohibit government vaccine mandates and require that private businesses accept antibody immunity. Representatives Lucero, Burkel, Franson, Poston, Dettmer, Bennett, Senators Mathews, Kiffmeyer​


Pros: Prevents government mandates and provides for antibody immunity.

Cons: Does not prevent private sector mandates or allow for other forms of immunity (t-cell etc..)


MN HF2899

Seeks to prohibit covid and flu vaccine mandates, prohibit vaccine passports, allow for civil penalties, retroactive enactment. Authors: Representative Mortensen.


Pros: Would prevent covid and flu mandates and vaccine passports.

Cons: Only addresses covid and flu mandates while healthcare workers are routinely required to report or obtain exemptions for flu, covid, hep b, chicken pox, mmr and tdap vaccination. This creates more problems than it helps by making two classes of vaccines- those that may not be mandated and, by default, those that may. It also would allow for people to sue businesses retroactively that were also under an unfair government mandate. It is unethical to change the laws and prosecute after.


MN HF2896

Seeks to make ivermectin an over the counter drug. Authors: Representative Mortensen.

Pros: Would make ivermectin accessible.

Cons: The state legislature cannot re-classify medications. That's the FDA's job and the state also cannot order them to re-classify medications. The bill has no legal authority.