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2020 Health & Parental Rights Survey



Candidates received an email link to an online survey platform of the below questions. All questions assume there are no legal, custodial or criminal situations that would alter the typical role of the parents. Candidates listed below are who responded. If you would like to personally invite a candidate to participate, please email for the link! We will update the list right up until election day as more respond.

Questions are loosely based off Minnesota's Parents' Bill of Rights which filed in 2020. Due to Covid, it did not receive a hearing, but it summarizes the mission of our volunteer families as well as our organization & that of whom we partner with. You can read the bill HERE. We will certainly be back next session, now more than ever we need to secure our rights!

  1. SCHOOL CHOICE: Do you feel parents should be who determines the mode of education a minor child receives?

  2. RECORDS ACCESS: Do you feel parents should have full access to medical and educational records?

  3. FAITH: Do you feel parents should direct the moral or religious upbringing of their family?

  4. INFORMED CONSENT: Do you feel parents should have the right to accept or decline medical interventions in coordination with the healthcare team of their choice?

  5. EDUCATION ACCESS: Do you feel there should be equal access to public education regardless of personal medical decisions on things like medical testing, antibody levels or immunization schedules?

  6. PARENTAL CONSENT: Do you feel there should be parental consent before any (non-emergent) examination or medical intervention of a minor child?

  7. ADULTS: Do you feel adults should have the right to accept or decline medical testing and interventions without discrimination from healthcare providers, employers, learning institutions, etc...?

  8. STATE OF EMERGENCY: Do you support retaining the aforementioned rights even, or especially, during times of state or national emergencies?

  9. Additional Quotes or Information


Candidate Name

District/Response to Q1-8

Additional Information

Jim Abeler

Senate District 35       YES

Bruce Anderson

Senate District 29       YES       

Co-Author: 2020 Parents Bill of Rights 

Jeff Backer

House District 12A      YES

Co-Author: 2020 Parents Bill of Rights 

Calvin Bahr

House District 31B      YES

Michelle Benson

Senate District 31        YES

Co-Author: 2020 Parents Bill of Rights 

Donna Bergstrom

Senate District 7          YES        

"In US Supreme Court bedrock case Piece v. Society of Sisters, the unanimous Court held: "the fundamental liberty upon which all governments in this Union repose excludes any general power of the State to standardize its children by forcing them to accept instruction from public teachers only." And in Moore v. City of East Cleveland, "the Constitution protects the sanctity of the family precisely because the institution of the family is deeply rooted in this Nation’s history and tradition.” I hold a Master of Jurisprudence degree from Loyola Univ Chicago-School of Law in Children's Policy and Law."

Greg Boe

House District 47B      YES

"Individual and parental rights must be primary, for all law-abiding citizens."

Roxanna Bruins

Senate District 45        YES

"Confidentiality and privacy is a very huge issue when it comes to information management. Confidentiality is a huge ethical and professional standard that should be kept private and between the provider and the patient or client."

Julia Coleman

Senate District 47         YES

Alexander Deputie

Senate District 67         YES

Bob Dettmer

House District  39A       YES

Co-Author: 2020 Parents Bill of Rights 

Jeff Dotseth

House District 11A         YES

Steve Drazkowski

House District 21B         YES

Zach Duckworth

Senate District 58           YES

Justin Eichorn

Senate District 5              YES

Sondra Erickson

House District 15A            YES

Co-Author: 2020 Parents Bill of Rights 

"Parents are in charge of raising their children and any legislative body needs to honor that principle with policies that support parents as first teachers and first decision-makers of their children and their future."

Susan Erickson

House District 41A           YES

"Parents have ALL rights over their children."

Ken Fitzgerald

House District 45              YES

Mary Franson

House District 8B              YES

Paul Gazelka

Senate District 9                YES

Glenn Gruenhagen

House District 18B           YES     

Chief Author: 2020 Parents Bill of Rights

Dan Hall

Senate District 56              YES

John Heinrich

House District 35A             YES

Co-Author: 2020 Parents Bill of Rights 

Josh Heintzeman   

House District 10A              YES     

Co-Author: 2020 Parents Bill of Rights 

"Keri and I homeschool our six children ranging in age from 4 to 19. We believe it's our responsibility as their parents to provide the best possible environment for them grow and develop. All too often there are those in government that believe they can do better than mom & dad, we disagree."

Jordan Herzog

House District 43B               YES

"I believe parents should raise their children and the government should not interfere or degrade that right. Period."

Andrew Hjelle

House District 3B                YES

Leilani Holmstadt

Senate District 54                 YES

Karin Housley

Senate District 39                  YES

Jeff Howe

Senate District 13                   YES

Josef Jimenez

Senate District 57                   YES

Sandra Jimenez

House District  57B                YES

​Lacy Johnson

US CONGRESS 5                    YES

Mark Johnson 

Senate District 1                      YES

Mary Kiffmeyer 

Senate District 30                   YES 

Co-Author: 2020 Parents Bill of Rights 

Eric Lucero             

House District 30B                 YES

Andrew Mathews    

Senate District 15                 YES       Chief Author: 2020 Parents Bill of Rights 

Shane Mekeland

House District 15B               YES

Tim Miller 

House District 17A                YES

"Parents raise children. Not the state."

Jeremy Munson

House District 23B              YES

Pam Myhra 

House District 56A              YES

Jim Nash

House District 47A                YES

Anne Neu

House District 32B                 YES

Marion O'Neill

House District 29B                 YES

Megan Olson          

House District 57A                 YES

"Parental rights are extremely important, especially as they have been under attack in recent years here in Minnesota. Individuals know themselves and their families better than the government does and deserve to have autonomy over their lives."

Jason Rarick           

Senate District 11                 YES

Dori Trossen           

House District 34B                YES

Paul Utke               

Senate District 2                     YES

Nolan West             

House District 37B                YES

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