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Election 2022's results came as quite the surprise with polls and energy high down both sides of the ballot. Ultimately, the massive number of families who left the state during the last 3 years, coupled with drastic redistricting lines, resulted in an unpredictable upset for many freedom minded candidates. Where does that leave us? 


While we gained ground in the House, not only did the DFL maintain the majority, they also picked up seats in the Senate. Gaining this 1 seat majority there means they now have the control of the entire MN state government. Why does this matter? While we are a nonpartisan organization, it's a simple fact that it is the DFL who has continued to file legislation to remove vaccination exemptions, lower the age of consent to 12 and restrict educational choice. With this monopoly, they have a much easier path to succeed. This leaves us ALL with a lot of work to do.

So, WHAT do we do?


Priority #1:

Stay connected. The last few years have been....... hard and discouraging, to say the least. We were first a community & we must continue to build that up so we have the strength & support for what's ahead. We're here for you! 

Priority #2:

Education. How does a bill become a law? What's the history of these issues in MN? What data exists to support choice & family centered freedom? How do I talk to my legislator? What do we all have in common? What's the worst and best case scenario? What happens on Rally & Capitol Day? We host events regularly on these and more.

If you missed our last coffee & conversation and online class, you can watch online HERE!

We also have these upcoming opportunities:

Feeling overwhelmed by the legislative process? Don't remember a single thing from high school? Don't know where to go at the Capital? Join us, Friday, January 13, 2023 at 3PM, to learn how a bill becomes a law in Minnesota, what's the difference between the House and the Senate, how do you find your legislators, etc. Followed by a tour of the capitol buildings and tunnels. Meet just inside the main doors. Class will be in room 316. FB Event: Legislative Process Class & Capitol Tour

Nervous to talk to your legislator? Don't know what to say? Check out our online discussion, Thursday, January 19th at 7:30PM. FB Event: How to Talk to Your Legislators

Priority #3:

Effective Advocacy is about building relationships. Getting to KNOW our lawmakers and being the face to a bill or law change is THE most important thing we can do. Your story, your life, your family matter.  Join us, Dr. Scott Jensen, Dr. Bob Zajac, AK Kamara, State & Federal Legislators (and more!) THIS February 2 | FB Event HERE

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