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Caucusing for Health & Parental Rights

What IS Caucus?

A caucus is a gathering of neighbors of the same political party to organize for the next election. Voting on platform ideals and electing delegates who will then move on to vote for who the party will endorse are both very important parts of the political process.

When is Caucus? 

Tuesday, February 1, 7:00pm

Where is Caucus?

What Happens at Caucus?

  • Caucus registration begins at 6:30pm. Sign in with your name, address, and signature affirming your party. Bring ID.

  • Meet your neighbors & the Candidates! Spend time getting to know who's there.

  • Caucus begins at 7:00pm. You will introduce yourselves and elect caucus and precinct positions.

  • Resolutions can be proposed on issues that you would like your party to add to their platform. See our suggestions and both democrat and republican forms below.

  • Elect delegates to represent your precinct at the county convention where local offices are endorsed and delegates are voted on to proceed to state or congressional convention. 

  • Even if you don't want to become a delegate, you can go and vote for delegates who represent the same values as you cannot come caucus night but would still like to be considered for delegate you can submit a request via email or through a friend who does go. All non-attendee submissions must be in to the caucus chair by 7:30 to count. See form below.

  • State law requires your employer to give you time off to participate in caucus and convention proceedings, if notified in writing 10 days in advance.

  • It sounds harder than it really is and every contribution is important!

WHY Caucus? 

Especially after the last two years, many wonder why. Why bother? Will it matter?

This process is a tangible step where the power of the people can actively have a say in who their party runs and what their party stands for from here on out. The more people participate, the greater the impact. Election 2022 has to start NOW.


What to learn more? Check out our class on Rumble:

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