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2021 Freedom Rally on the Lawn

Monday, May 17, 2021

Don’t mess with Minnesota!

After the close of business Friday, two sets of bills filed to remove parental rights regarding medical procedures in minor children. SF2554/HF2634: to remove all conscientious exemptions to childhood vaccines for all school aged children - including homeschoolers & SF2553/HF2625: to lower the age of consent to vaccines to 12- including the covid vaccine. With only a two day weekend to plan, we rallied at the Capitol and not only did YOU show up, so did your legislators! We had to have had over 1,000 people, some fierce mama bear speakers, kids EVERYWHERE, a dozen legislators and even a few candidates.

Session adjourned without calling these bills. While they will remain live until the close of the 2022 session, the Senate vows they are dead in the water. While this is wonderful, we have seen the gap narrow on freedom. Legislators who stated they would never support this pre-pandemic have flipped. We need to stay active and involved now and we must take the 2022 elections more seriously than ever.

It’s time for MN to heal and unite, not divide and discriminate. No more mandates- masks, testing, vaccines, passports, tracing- NOTHING. Minnesotans are competent to decide for ourselves and our families. We will take it from here.

Follow bills & contact your legislators through our advocacy page:

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