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Wright County Fired Up Over Up-Coming Caucus

Wright County, Minnesota -- Citizens gathered at the American Legion last night in Buffalo to learn about the statewide precinct caucuses on February 1st. Hosted by Minnesotans for Health & Parental Rights and Moms for Liberty of Wright County, instruction was provided on who, what, where, when and how to caucus. Representatives Marion O'Neill (R), Eric Lucero (R) and Joe McDonald (R) took turns engaging the attendees in a "mock-caucus".

What is a caucus?

A caucus is a gathering of neighbors of the same political party to organize for the next election. Voting on platform ideals and electing delegates are both very important parts of the political process and key tasks at you local precinct caucuses.

Why Caucus?

This process is an easy step of grassroots empowerment where citizens can have a say in who runs for office and what the party's platform values are. The more people participate, the greater the impact. If we do nothing, nothing will be accomplished. Campaigns are full-steam-ahead in preparation for the impending 2022 elections.

When is caucus? February 1st at 7pm in your local precinct or neighborhood. Consequently, your employer must give unpaid time off work to allow you to caucus. If you cannot attend, contact your precinct chair or BPOU chair for further details on how to participate in absence. Where is caucus? Use the Minnesota Secretary of State's 2022 Caucus Finder to locate your precinct Caucus location.

If you missed the Wright County Caucus Training - Please visit our calendar page and register for our virtual training on January 25th, 2022.

- Minnesotans for Health & Parental Rights

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