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Informed Consent Saves Lives

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

"Consent given by a competent individual who has received the necessary information, has understood the information, and after considering the information, has arrived at a decision without having been subjected to coercion, undue influence, inducement or intimidation.”

Source: Council of International Organizations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS) Ethics Guidelines.

Dr. Bob Zajac started his practice based on this ethic after witnessing discrimination in the medical field when parents would ask questions or choose alternative health options for their families. Respect and dialogue has turned out to be a winning approach, wildly successful, treating thousands of Minnesotans, young and old.

Unfortunately, freedom isn't always valued and complaints have been filed with the Minnesota Medical Board. They are not care or patient complaints, but rather a small minority of the general public that assert that supporting families who choose alternative vaccine schedules and speaking publicly on medical freedom is a danger to public health. In pursuing these complaints, it seems the state is attempting to establish an ideological legal precedent that free speech and patient personal choice are too dangerous and so must be regulated by the government.

Some of us have known Dr. Zajac his entire career, some of us only since he established his own practice, but we all know and have experienced what a valuable asset he is to medicine here in Minnesota. We stand against these attempts to undermine informed consent and with Dr. Zajac to protect all healthcare providers, and by extension, our rights to choose.

*All donations go directly to Dr. Zajac to assist with growing legal fees and are not tax deductible through MHPR.

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